Maven, Programmer, Bloger, Presenter

I am Software Engineer by education, a programmer by trade, and gregarious by nature. I have worked on DLLs, Server Communication, Image Processing, and Web Programming. Currently, I find myself exploring Angluar.js and thinking about the front end. I also spend a good deal of time in around the development community at meetups.

A little bit more...

About Me


I give talks to the community primarily but not limited to Angular.js. I have presented to private companies and at conferences. If you want me to talk for your group contact me though twitter.


I started blogging to keep track of what I had learned, and share my experience with the community. Now it’s a platform to answer questions, explain larger ideas and support my talks and development.


Every programmer has pet projects and bursts of vision. When I expect that there will be enough motivation to finish them I’ll usually post them on Github. Occasionally, when possible, I’ll even link to a live project.

Talks: Angular.js

I have been talking about Angular.js around southeastern Michigan since the beginning of 2014. From the Craftsmen's Guild in Ann Arbor to the Walsh College Source Community in Troy. I even had the honor to present my talk at Google Dev Fest at Quicken and Self.Conference at Cobo Hall.


The slide deck from Self.Conference can be found here.

Web Sites

Cryptxt is a message encoder. A user enters text, gets a short link and can share that with a friend via the link and optional passowrd.

GitHub Projects

I have a couple of projects on GitHub. Some with more traffic than others. Here are a few of the most notable.

Angular With Partial View Views

This project I created as an example for this question on StackOverflow regarding MVC partials and client side MVC like Angular. It's gotten more favorites than any other so far.

Arduino 3x8 Pixel Scroller

This was a project I creatd with a Arduino mini that I bought to make a POV display for my bike. Decent comments in the C code.